• dem Erwerb von brasilianischen Unternehmen

Acquisition of Participations in German or European CompanyCalibri (Textkörper)

We advise investors with regard to mergers and acquisitions, joint-ventures, takeovers, fusions, splittings etc.

We accompany the whole operation, carry out Due Diligences and check the documentation. Legal issues related to Labor and Tax Law are clarified when required. We support the structuring of the transaction, from conception, through the contract negotiations  until closing.

Civil Law Claims and its Enforcement

We advise you concerning your rights, if conflicts arise with German business partners.  

We also assist in cases involving Brazilian law in German cases. We are familiar with both jurisdictions and legal systems and don’t need translators. We have specialized knowledge of  the particular terminology in each legal system, and can communicate directly with all parties in their language.

Acquisition of Real Estate or Assets

We provide or examine drafts of contracts for real estate transactions in Germany or Europe and also advise concerning related loan agreements. We interface with the notary public, and provide general support.

We advise creditors concerning the enforcement of their claims and concerning collateral for their credits.

We provide registration of patents, brands, design patterns etc. in Germany, Europe or the whole world. If you would like to cede your technology we help with the technology transfer contracts or license agreements.

​​Services for Companies with an Eye towards Germany or Europe


Contracts with German Partners and the General Doing Business with Germany

If you want to establish a sales network, we offer suitable contracts to be used with your business partners, whether sales representatives, distributors or franchisees. We draft tailor-made contracts and also general agreements.

Concerning international sales of goods, machines and equipment, or sales within Germany, we offer our services and assist in general with commercial law questions. 

Establishment of a Subsidiary in Germany or Europe

With your Company’s considerations in mind we recommend the best form of company structure for your business. For the chosen legal form we draft the complete documentation (with Portuguese and/or English translation), and assist you in completing all formal requirements  in Germany.

Legal issues in Labor, Tax and IP/IT Law issues are resolved as they arise.

We provide standard contracts, for example contracts for managing directors and proxies, as well as “General Terms and Conditions”.

We answer all queries, in cooperation with German lawyers.